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Craigslist Charging $5 per Post

So, as many of you are already aware, Craigslist has decided to add a $5 charge per post to the Services and Gigs sections starting 03/15/18. To avoid the headaches of spending your valuable time posting your ads as well as entering your credit card multiple times each day, it is advantageous to acquire the assistance of a reputable Craigslist posting service. A reputable, US based Craigslist ad posting service, will take care of all of the pressure and keep things 100% hands off for you. This will certainly be the way to go to keep the leads coming in.

As many business owners are now saying, “I can’t believe this is happening. How can I possibly continue to get quality leads.” We are here to say, not to worry. This will actually be a very good thing for business owners. Let me explain. Craigslist made this decision for one main purpose, yes they will make more money, but that is not the main point. They made this change to eliminate the spammers. There are hundreds, if not thousands of spammers using software bots to post spam ads all day everyday. With the addition of a required payment, Craigslist will no longer be a source for them for a free post. How does this benefit you as the business owner? Simple; roughly 90% of the ad posts will be gone. What will be left are the true business owners posting services for their legitimate business. Using our Craigslist posting service to continue posting your ads will allow you to go about your day doing what you do best (running your business) as well as allowing quality leads to continue to come in.

Here are the new scenarios for utilizing our Craigslist ad posting service for service oiented businesses;
Option 1: Hybrid Sections – This is our recommended method moving forward to continue quality leads at affordable costs. We will post your ads, for maximum relevancy, using our intelligent ad post “timing” methods across all relevant sections including the service section, for sale section, community section, etc. Some of the benefits here are; continuing to be able to pay bulk posting rates for a specific amount of ads each month, allowing us to decide where your ad budget goes for paid sections vs free sections and being seen in other sections of Craigslist to not lose out on any possible leads. Ranking your ad keywords across multiple sections of Craigslist allows you to have maximum visibility.
Option 2: Service Section Only – Although we will not be advertising this method on our websites, we will still offer it to clients. This will be the most expensive way to post on Craigslist moving forward but, if you have the marketing dollars to spend, it will be very effective. Very simply, we will add a premium to each ad cost for using our service. We will charge $3 on top of Craigslist $5 for every ad that we post (minimum of 50 ads per month. The premium will decrease to only $2 per ad, on top of Craigslist $5, for campaigns exceeding 150 ads per month.

Now that Craigslist has finally done something to rid us all of the spammers, you have the opportunity to get more high quality leads. The traffic on Craigslist has not gone away. They still rank #9 as the most visited website. If you are on a tighter advertising budget, you will do very well on our new hybrid plan. If you have the means to pay heavier into services and can afford a higher spend, we are happy to manage your services ads at our premiums. At the end of the day, most business owners will benefit from this change. Posting on Craigslist will be better than ever for quality leads. All of our plans will get you leads, so allow us to help you decide how to move forward.
We are always here to help our clients so, if after reading this you have questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

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