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What Are The Best Times To Post Ads On Craigslist?


In 1995 Craig Newmark started Craigslist mainly for email distribution. He started it to share information with friends. But, now, Craigslist offers its service in many countries and many cities from around the world. With so many users from around the world, Craigslist is gaining importance as the best mode to advertise any business. This is where a US based Craigslist posting service is gaining importance. Here are certain things to know about the best times to post advertisements on Craigslist.

What should you know about the lead time?

If you wish to sell your products at the best possible cost, you should have the right time to find buyers, so that you can reach your selling deadline. So, a professional Craigslist poster suggests that you should you should begin running your advertisements one or two months before you can sell your stuff. In case you begin posting in advance, you will not have to liquidate everything at the last minute.

Which day of the week to post?

When it comes to the day of posting, different US Craigslist posters have different views. One study shows that ads have the utmost view in Sundays, while another study shows that Saturdays are the ideal days to post. Moreover, another study shows that Monday is the best as people start their searching afresh. With so many theories coming, it is better to choose the USA craigslist poster, who can post ads for your business on a daily basis.

How about the ideal hour of the day?

When it comes to real estate ads, experts suggest that two times a week works best with one posting on the weekend. When it comes to the time slot for posting, experts also suggest that the ideal time to post is the employee break time slot of 10 am to noon or at 5 pm on all days. In the case of weekends, mornings are the ideal choices. However, other recommendations differ. So, the ideal move is to get help from a professional Craigslist posting service that very well knows the ideal time to post. With their experience, they know the right time to post ads to grab the attention of your target market.

Are you afraid of trial and error?

Some businesses spend a lot of time and even money on advertisement. They follow different strategies. Some of them identify the right marketing medium that works best for their business. But, they would have identified this only after spending not just time, but also money on trial and error. If you do not want to risk either your time or money, you can hire a company with expertise in Craigslist posting.


The trick to gain from Craigslist is to post at the right time and at the right day. Further, posting the right ad content is also important. This is where a professional service with expertise will handle every aspect of posting right from ad creation to make your ads count.

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